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Some selected works finished these days.


baldingervuhuu: frac île-de-france

Visual identity and signage system. More on www.baldingervuhuu.com.

Pavillon Vendôme Contemporary Art Center

Signage system for the Pavillon Vendôme Contemporary Art Center in Clichy near Paris.

Sophie Calle – Moi aussi – Artist book

Sophie Calle had a birthday ritual from 1980 to 1994 where she conserved her gifts instead of using them. She exposed them later in glass vitrines it traced her social friendships and her own existence. In 1981 the first social oriented president François Mitterand was elected. He decided also not to use his gifts that he received and to share them with the french nation by exposing them in a museum. He was president for 14 years, exactly the same amount of years than Sophie, just one year shifted. The artist book puts in parallel the gifts of the artist and the president.



Visual Identity – Naud & Poux Architectes

Visual Identity for Naud & Poux Architects. Stationary printed in silkscreen with blue metallic on grey paper.



baldinger•vu-huu : Artist book for Alain Huck

Artist book for swiss artist Alain Huck now available at the librairy of the Centre Culturel Swiss in Paris. More images at the website with my partner André Baldinger at www.baldingervuhuu.com



New Years Card for Ante Prima

New Years Card for Ante Prima Conseil. The card comes as a calendar poster, which gives importance to all the days that are officially holiday or bank holiday in France. The calendar gives space for you spare time and invites you to fill it up with nice aktivities.



Visual Identity – Du & Ma Scenographes

Stationary for the scenographes Du & Ma. Lovely font, AB B-Dot and AB B-Line, from André Baldinger.



Cité des sciences – Mobilité

Graphic design for the exhibition “Mobilité” at the “Cité des sciences” in collaboration with Félix Müller and Projectiles (Scenography).

The design is inspired by all sorts of information panels from airports and train stations.

(images by Graziella Antonini)



baldinger•vu-huu: Galerie Joseph Tang

Under baldinger•vu-huu we did a visual identity for the new galery Galerie Joseph Tang. More to discover very soon on www.baldingervuhuu.com.



baldinger•vu-huu: Aby Warburg – Miroirs de faille

A collection of mostly unpublished essays, notes and letters which shed a new light on Warburg's last studies. More informations on www.baldingervuhuu.com.



baldinger•vu-huu: Visual identity for inalco, BULAC and the Pôle des langues

Under baldinger•vu-huu, André and me won the pitch for the new visual identity of two institutions: BULAC (Bibliothèque universitaire des langues et civilisations) a library specialised in oriental languages and inalco (Institut national des langues et civilisations orientales) a school for oriental languages. They are moving together in a new building and creating a third institution together, wich will be the Pôle des langues et civilisations.

Naud & Poux Architects Flyer

Flyer with detachable business card for Naud & Poux Architects.



Poor Service 3

Flyer for the group show “Poor Service 3” at the artists residency “La Générale en Manufacture”. 

Le soleil de 2011 - Agenda

New Years Card for Ante Prima Conseil, which I designed as a calendar. 60 pages. On each double-page you have represented 2 weeks/14 days in rows. The middle yellow stripe indicates you the hours of sun for each day. The stripe is becoming thicker in summer-time and thinner in winter-time. I love the shift of the stripe on days where the time is changing from summer- to winter-time and vice-versa. The last double-page represents the light of moon during 2011. The calendar was selected and exposed by the Tokyo Type Directors Club in 2012.



baldinger•vu-huu : Aby Warburg

Under baldinger•vu-huu we designed a folder wich anounces the upcoming french version of the autobiography of Aby Warburg.
We are at the moment working on the book.

Monica Donati Architect

New Years Card for Monica Donati Architect and associates


Catalogue for the lebanese artist Walid Raad. It is a collection of bomb explosions, that were so prevalent in Radd’s homeland of Lebanon in 2006. The deluxe edition comes in a box with a special print of one of the 29 explosions.

Cité des sciences – Énergie

Graphic design for the exhibition “Énergie” at the “Cité des sciences” in collaboration with Félix Müller and Projectiles (Scenography).

The design is inspired by mathematic and physic formules, wich are the base of energie science.

(images by Graziella Antonini)



Élisabeth Naud & Luc Poux Architectes

Portfolio book for the french architectes Élisabeth Naud et Luc Poux.

Berlin–Paris 2030

Logo for the symposium event Berlin–Paris 2030 wich is held in both cities, with lectures/discussions by architects, writers,
philosophers, urbanists, graphic designers and artists. The aim is to project both cities with different point of vues in our
near/far future 2030. The event is organized by the magazines La Mer gelée and Sprachgebunden.



Poster for “Mut zur Wut”

I was asked to design a poster for an upcoming exposition, with the german theme: Mut zur Wut, wich stands for:
have the courage to express your anger. The current french security politics and it's inhuman treatment
of the Romas make me angry. French politics is creating a xenophobia wich reminds me of dark times!

More information on www.mutzurwut.de

Amnesia—Memoria, Weimar—Amiens

Catalogue for the Amnesia-Memoria project between the higher school of art Amiens (ESAD) and the Bauhaus university in Weimar.




Dépliant/Flyer pour l’exposition Grenzgänger à la Générale en Manufacture.



Archive 01 - Christian Boltanski - Bob Calle

A new book for the editor “Éditions 591”. A catalogue raisonnée for Christian Boltanski, written by Bob Calle.

The images on top shows the deluxe edition with hardcover, embossed silkscreen in a metall box. The normal edition comes with green cover and archive metals attached.



baldinger•vu-huu : Science Po — École des arts politiques

With my partner André Baldinger, under baldinger•vuhuu, we designed a folder/poster for Science Po (School of politics), Paris.

A new branch will open, called Science Po School of political arts. www.baldingervuhuu.com



La mer gelée #6

The new issue of La mer gelée just arrived. The theme of this issue is Berlin Alexanderplatz,

wich is the title of a book of the famous german author Alfred Döblin.

Again with the fruitfull collaboration of Wanja Ledowski.



baldinger•vuhuu : École Estienne Paris

With my partner André Baldinger, under baldinger•vuhuu, we won the pitch for the new visual identity of the higher school of design

“École Estienne Paris”. We proposed a dynamic modulable logo, representing the two universes of the school :

“Tradition” and “Modernity”. www.baldingervuhuu.com


For the invitation of the open doors and our presentation of the project we designed a poster showing little snippets of the identity.


Postcard explaining the concept of the visual identity.


Allways running behind the time ! André and me were sprinting to get the school inscription finished for the open doors.